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Our mission is to assist the community by providing pet adoption services, lost and found assistance, and education on humane treatment, responsible pet ownership and overpopulation of companion animals. 

We are an independent, non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization and are not affiliated with any other animal organization or humane society.  We do not receive tax dollars.  We rely on the generosity of people like you for financial and volunteer support to care for over 1,000 animals each year plus help hundreds more throughout our community.


From Humble Beginnings
In 1970, a handful of concerned citizens led by May Walsh from Howell established the volunteer organization Give Animals a Break, with their main purpose to aid and place homeless animals in Livingston County . In 1977, this organization became known as the Humane Society of Livingston County. Over the years, the Humane Society functioned as a series of volunteers fostering animals in their homes and doing mobile adoptions from various sites.

A Permanent Home is Established
In 1996, a nearly five acre parcel of land was acquired in Genoa Township and the HSLC acquired a donated house that was moved onto the parcel. In 1998 after renovation, this site became the first permanent home for the HSLC functioning as administrative offices and an adoption center with v olunteers providing lost and found and other services by phone.

For years, the volunteers had been working toward opening a humane shelter for cats and dogs. In 2000 this dream took a giant step toward becoming a reality when an anonymous donor gave the organization $500,000. The gift was specifically designated for the construction of the shelter facility. The HSLC leadership developed a plan to build a shelter on the property to meet the needs of the community and its animals for many years. Finally, in 2002, an extensive planning and capital campaign resulted in the construction and opening of a permanent shelter that allowed the agency to serve a much greater number of cats and dogs. Throughout the history of the HSLC, volunteer time and labor has been essential to its successful operation.

HSLC Today

The HSLC shelter facility currently offers:

  • An indoor kennel area to accommodate 130 cats and dogs allowing us to assist 2,000 pets annually

  • A designated space for adoptive interviewing and pet owner counseling.

  • Steady hours of "public" operation aimed at eliminating the need for pet owners to abandon their unwanted pets.

  • Increased efficiency in readying a pet for adoption with on-site routine medical care.

  • Time for volunteers to support efforts to reduce pet overpopulation in the Livingston County area.

  • Centralized operation of all HSLC programs.

  • Educational opportunities for new pet owners and pet owners experiencing difficulty.

  • Opportunities to develop community-based, county-wide spay-neuter awareness and assistance

  • Decreased number of euthanized cats and dogs!

Other Facts

  • The HSLC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors (uncompensated).

  • HSLC is not affiliated with any other animal organization or humane society.

  • HSLC receives no tax dollars. Fundraising generates part of the annual budget, however the remainder comes from adoption fees, grants, and donations.

  • HSLC is an animal care organization, not an animal rights group. It does not take a stand on such issues as hunting, furs, exotic pets, etc. We promote the welfare of dogs and cats.

  • HSLC receives requests to help approximately 4,000 animals per year.

  • HSLC does not sell animals for research purposes.

                                   For more information, refer to Frequently Asked Questions.

Last Updated 4/26/09

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Contact: webmaster@humane-livingston.org

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