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Press Release - Michigan Pet Fund Alliance Awards

Outstanding Limited
Admission Shelter
in Michigan!
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Our mission is to assist the community by providing pet adoption services, lost and found assistance, and education on humane treatment, responsible pet ownership and overpopulation of companion animals. 

We are an independent, non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors (uncompensated). We are not affiliated with any other animal organization, rescue, or humane society. 

We are funded by private donations, adoption fees, and our own fundraising activities. We do not receive tax dollars.  We rely on the generosity of people like you for financial and volunteer support to care for over 1,000 animals each year plus respond to thousands of requests to help many more in our community.

We are a limited admissions shelter which means we set our own policies for accepting animals (by appointment) to ensure we have the capacity to care for them properly. Our goal is to care for each animal we take in for as long as it takes to find them a responsible, permanent, loving home.

We do not euthanize animals due to space, time, breed or age. Our policy is to humanely euthanize an animal only in cases of severe temperament or untreatable health issues. We are not responsible for animal control. We do not accept "drop offs" and do not have any authority to investigate reports of animal abuse, cruelty, or neglect.

Award Winning Save Rates!

Thanks to our staff, volunteers, adopters, and supporters we are ranked among the highest performing shelters in Michigan for animal save rates and adoptions, so you can feel good knowing each animal is receiving the highest quality care possible while we work hard to find them a home.

We were recognized by the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance as the "Outstanding Limited Admission Shelter in Michigan" for having the highest save rates with the greatest number of adoptions in 2010 and 2012!



Our History

From Humble Beginnings

In 1970, a handful of concerned citizens led by May Walsh from Howell established the volunteer organization Give Animals a Break, with their main purpose to aid and place homeless cats and dogs in Livingston County into permanent, loving homes.

In 1977, this organization became known as the Humane Society of Livingston County functioning as volunteers fostering animals in their homes and doing mobile adoptions from various sites over the years.

A Permanent Home is Established

In 1996, a nearly five acre parcel of land was acquired in Genoa Township and in 1997, we acquired a donated house that was moved onto the parcel. After renovation in 1998, this became the first permanent home for the HSLC administrative offices and adoption center on weekends with volunteers still providing foster home care, lost and found, and other services.

For years, volunteers had been working toward opening a humane shelter for homeless cats and dogs. In 2000 this dream took a giant step toward reality when an anonymous donor gave the organization $500,000 designated for construction of a new shelter!

Then finally, in 2003, after an extensive planning and capital campaign, the construction and opening of our permanent shelter was completed enabling us to care for many more animals and provide a wider range of services to the community.


Our Shelter Today

Our shelter is located at 2464 Dorr Road between Howell and Brighton, Michigan providing centralized operations for all our programs and services including:

  • HSLC Shelter 2012Indoor kennel and housing areas to accommodate approximately 130 cats and dogs
  • Designated space for adoption interviewing, pet owner counseling, and animal enrichment activity
  • Steady hours of operation intended to eliminate the need for people to abandon their unwanted pets or strays
  • On site veterinary staff to provide essential medical care for the animals in our shelter
  • Educational opportunities for new pet owners and those experiencing difficulty to help keep pets in their homes
  • A family-friendly, clean environment providing compassionate care for the animals and a welcoming experience for visitors, volunteers, and adopters


Continued Growth and High Standards of Care

HSLC Vet StaffSince opening our shelter, the HSLC has continued to grow and expand services to the public including high quality, cost effective veterinary care for routine vaccinations, microchipping, and other types of preventative care. We also offer the public low cost spay/ neuter services through a partnership with All About Animals Rescue.

We continue to provide high standards of care and enrichment for each animal during their stay with us. We routinely evaluate, treat and monitor the health condition of every animal in our shelter. Before being placed for adoption, each animal is spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, wormed, and brought up to date with vaccines and appropriate preventative care. In many cases, we are able to provide exceptional levels of care that go "above and beyond" typical shelters to save an animal with special medical or behavior needs.


Dog KennelsDog Runs


Our dogs enjoy spacious, indoor kennels and daily exercise in outdoor runs, walking trails, and a large fenced play yard where they can interact with staff, volunteers, and playgroups with other dogs.




Cat play


We offer a variety of housing areas to help keep our adoptable cats happy and healthy including cozy, individual cages in a spacious, quiet room plus several "enrichment rooms" where staff and volunteers can socialize and exercise our cats and kittens to help prepare them for adoption.

In October 2010, we initiated a capital campaign to raise money to build an 800 square foot addition to the shelter for cage-free community cat rooms. Since opening the cage-free rooms in June 2012, many of our cats now live together in small groups where they enjoy the healthy benefits of free-roaming, relaxed spaces with plenty of natural light, outdoor views, and interaction with other cats, staff, volunteers, and adopters.

Cage-free Cat areas




We invite you to call or visit our shelter during public hours to learn more about us. Contact Us>>

Learn about our Programs and Services>>

Refer to Frequently Asked Questions>>

Last Updated 6/27/15

© 2012 Humane Society of Livingston County
Contact: webmaster@humane-livingston.org

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