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It is very stressful and distressing to lose a beloved pet. Here are a number of things you can do to help increase your chances of finding your lost pet or helping to reunite a found pet with their owners.

Submit a lost or found pet report to HSLC

Phone the HSLC 24 hour voice mail system at (517) 552-8050 and follow the prompts to report a lost or found animal. A staff member checks the messages regularly and tries to find a match in an effort to reunite lost pets with their families. This lost and found pet information is recorded in a database as reference for future matches. HSLC receives numerous calls throughout the year to assist with a lost or found pet and advises owners on other steps they can take to find a missing pet.

You can also post information and a photo directly to the Lost and Found page on the Livingston County Animal Control web site. This information is available to the public and a good place to check frequently if you have lost or found a pet.

If you have lost a pet

One of the best things you can do as a pet owner is look for your lost pet, especially your lost cat, as soon as you realize it is gone. Often people assume their pet is gone forever when in fact it is waiting at the shelter. If you've lost your pet, we urge you to visit the Humane Society shelter as soon as possible. Below are other ways you can help find your pet.

Visit the Humane Society of Livingston County

Visit our shelter at least every other day. It is always best to visit the shelter in person, since the shelter worker may not be able to identify your pet based upon your description over the phone.

Visit Livingston County Animal Control

Visit Livingston County Animal Control (418 S. Highlander Way in Howell 517-546-2154) at least every other day to check for your lost pet. Stray pets, if picked up by Animal Control, are taken there.

Visit other surrounding area shelters

Visit or call surrounding county shelters and animal organizations, particularly if you are near any county border.

         Adopt A Pet

(810) 629-0723 (Fenton)

         Capital Area Humane Society

(517) 626-6060 (Lansing)

         Furry Friends Rescue Inc.

(248) 860-5688 (Brighton/South Lyon)

         Genesee County Animal Control

(810) 732-1660

         Genesee County Humane Society

(810) 744-0511

         Huron Valley Humane Society

(734) 662-5585

         Ingham County Animal Control

(517) 676-8370

         Last Chance Rescue

(810) 220-9394

         Michigan Humane Society

(313) 872-3400 )Detroit)
(734) 721-7300 (Westland)
(248) 852-7420 (Rochester Hills)

         Oakland County Animal Control

(248) 391-4100

         Shiawassee County Animal Control

(989) 743-2406 (Owosso)

         Shiawassee County Humane Society

(989) 723-4262 (Owosso)

Advertise In local newspapers

Place a lost / found ad in the Livingston County Press and Argus or other local paper. Below are some local newspapers and phone numbers:


(517) 548-2570

        Ann Arbor News

(800) 589-9888

        Chelsea Standard / Dexter Leader

(734) 475-1371

        Tri-County Times

(810) 629-8282

        Flint Journal

(800) 875-6200

        Fowlerville News and Views

(517) 223-8760

        Lansing State Journal

(517) 377-1111

Try these other sources for lost & found support

        Pet Finder

Search for adoptable pets by location, breed, etc.

        PETS 911

A network of animal rescue organizations & services across the country; Web site & hotline 1-888-PETS-911


An organization with a goal of reuniting lost animals with their owners in southeast Michigan

Post Flyers
Post signs or flyers in the area where the pet was lost or found.

Talk To Your Neighbors
Let your neighbors know you have lost your pet or found one.

Contact Local Veterinarians

Contact any veterinarians close to where you lost or found the pet and advise them you have lost or found a pet.

Leave A Note For Your Mail Carrier

Place a note in your mailbox to let the carrier know you have lost of found a pet.

Contact The Police
Check with your local police department to make certain no dog /car accident has been reported which injured your pet or to inquire if the owner of the pet you have found has contacted them or posted a notice at the station.

If you have found a pet

If the animal appears friendly and approachable, you can try to confine the animal in a safe area temporarily. While it may be tempting to keep the lost pet at your home, it is best to contact the Humane Society and Livingston County Animal Control immediately as it is likely the owner will be checking local shelters to look for their pet.

If you choose to care for the stray while you are looking for its owner, you should follow these steps:

  • File a report with the HSLC using the voice mail instructions above for Lost or Found Pets
  • Place ads in local papers
  • Check with neighbors and area veterinarians
  • Hang signs in the area


Last Updated 5/16/10

© 2012 Humane Society of Livingston County
Contact: webmaster@humane-livingston.org

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